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I'm Michelle Louise,

and I am a Reiki Practitioner and Soul Purpose Coach supporting you through your healing journey to find your inner strength and to shine confidently and live purposefully!


I am a Reiki Master and Soul Purpose Coach working with women who are feeling lost or stuck in their life and not sure which direction to take. You feel like you may not be in the right job, or in the right relationship or you just seem to have that tiny niggling feeling deep inside of them that you are not feeling completely fulfilled in life. 

By using my combined Reiki and Coaching method within the Soul Attune Program, I can help you uncover those limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from living your souls purpose! We dig deep through the reiki healing to gently release any blockages in your energy that subconsciously you are holding on to. I guide you to set manageable goals to get you living that life you have always dreamed of! 


By integrating reiki healing and coaching modalities, I nurture you to gently ​transform your life from a place of confusion, doubt, fears and unworthiness to a beautiful new energy of clarity and focus, direction and PURPOSE!  You have always had the tools inside of you, and your highest self has always known the way. Sometimes we just need support and guidance to show us the way home.

I started my own healing journey many years ago when I found myself lost with no direction and many failed relationships! I began on my self development path by studying to become a reiki practitioner and soon realised how transformational this has been for my life.

I help you to find that spark for life again, have clear cut direction, life purpose and set your soul on fire! 

We are all just walking each other home - Ram Dass 

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"From the moment I met Michelle I felt this amazing positive energy beaming from her. She sure transferred that energy to me, I felt great after my first session. Michelle is a great channel and I am looking forward to more sessions with her."

Natalie, Poland

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