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Hello Lovely!

I am so excited to work together, to help you heal and grow and to literally light your Soul on fire with purpose! I cannot wait to get stuck in and hold space for your journey that you are so ready to take. This is your time to shine and I can help guide the way and show you the tools to empower yourself. 

Let's heal and grow together. Just Follow Your Soul.

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Soul Attune

1:1 Coaching

This is a 12 week coaching program where we work together to attune you back to your Soul Purpose, grow deeper into your intuition and inner wisdom so that you can continue your journey with confidence and joy and excitement for life that was always inside of you.

We gently tap into the areas of your life where you require more healing; and thats where coaching is integrated with reiki healing sessions to remove those energy blockages that have been keeping you 'stuck' so then you can start releasing and moving through those old emotions and creating that shift and that dream life your soul desires

Click HERE if you are ready to commit to heal your life and find your Soul Purpose

Deep Dive 
One Day Intensive

Coming Soon! 

This will be an amazing 3 hour immersive session where we will be deep diving into your Souls Purpose in every aspect of your life. We will be bringing up your Human Design Type, using your Astrology Birth Chart and your Archetypes to help you bring yourself back into alignment with who you were born to be. 

This is for you if you don't know where to start and don't have the time to commit to the 3 month Coaching Program but want to get all the juicy bits from your Souls Calling and on top of all that, you end on a deeply relaxing & healing reiki session to integrate all the upgraded codes!

Email me here to get on the waitlist for this incredible opportunity

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Reiki Healing Session

These individual reiki sessions last from 45 mins to 1 hour and are a great way to top up your maintenance self care routine. A monthly reiki session is recommended to release blocked chakras and to keep your energy cleansed. 

Reiki healing is hands on healing using 'life-force energy' to clear any blockages allowing you to feel more positive, more clarity and purpose.

Get your maintenance session booked in now! 

CLICK HERE to book your reiki session with me 

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